Wednesday, September 19, 2007

college football

to be totally honest, i'm glad that michigan beat notre dame on saturday. i would hate for lloyd carr to lose his job. i hate the idea of anyone losing their job, especially someone who is 1-5 against my beloved buckeyes.

let's face it charlie weiss hasn't quite followed through on promise to return the irish to a national powerhouse. perhaps he is lacking from not having video tape of opposing coaches to help him defeat the competition. considering he has a ten year contract (how's that lookin' now ND?) it's probably best that his team goes 0-3 and not the "team up north".

and... i don't like pete carroll. i think usc is cocky and the ncaa's version of "mean girls". perhaps it a southern california thing. beautiful weather all the time can make you imagine that God loves you more than everyone else.

i do love jim tressel.

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