Wednesday, November 21, 2007

1 Sam 23:1-15

we're putting up our christmas tree... so, i don't have as much time as i normally do.

SCRIPTURE: 1 Samuel 23:1-15
-one of the big things here is that david has assembled a group of rebels. in many ways, this is where he learns how to lead.

-aren't the philistines supposed to be slaves at this point... they just won't die.

-notice at first that his guys didn't want to go, but he some how convinces them to go.

-from what i can remember saul never heard from god to go fight... now david is getting his direction from god and not a prophet.

-god gives david a direct answer... that's cool.

-ok, so david is hiding out in desert caves, a wanted man. sound like anyone in popular culture?

david was so in tune to god's voice that he knew exactly what do at exactly the right moment.

god, help me to be able to tune into the sound of your voice so that i can react when needed.


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