Tuesday, November 6, 2007

alton denver

how funny are these two pictures? i think we have a match.

i am still in nashville and things seem to be going well. here we go with today's reading...

-goliath was tall... this is a pretty simple observation... but hey, i'm only 5'6" or so.

-the funny thing is that the arrangement seems to be that whoever looses becomes the servants of the other. however when the david kicks goliath's tail... all the philistines run. seems to me that the type of servanthood that they are talking about... is bragging rights.

-i wonder if goliath was the only big guy... or if every philistine was that big. imagine having shaq on your 7th grade basketball team. you may feel a little more confidant going into a game with him on your team.

-again, i am wondering if david knew that he was anointed to become king... his brother's are out serving with saul... makes you wonder what david's brothers think of saul.

-they have to put up with goliath's crap for 40 days... that's over a month. this means they were made fun of day after day. maybe they started to believe goliath's taunts... after all if you hear something long enough you may think it's true.

-the israel army was afraid to fight.

-who is this uncircumcised philistine that he should defy the armies of the living god? i'm sure david's brothers look at him with a sideways look... maybe they started to believe goliath.


i think these soldiers started to believe the lies that goliath was telling them. if you ignore a lie long enough it may have the power to deceive you from the truth.

god i thank you for the faith that you gave david to cut through the lies of goliath. help me not to believe the lies that the devil tries to tell me... but realize that you are the true living god.


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