Tuesday, November 13, 2007

and i thought i was brave...

i'm getting to it a little late today... but better late than never. if you are checking out this blog, i sure would like it if you left a comment! i would love some discussion.

here are the readings for this week:
Day 001, 1 Sam 18:1-5
Day 002, 1 Sam 18:6-30
Day 003, 1 Sam 19:1-18
Day 004, 1 Sam 20:1-23
Day 005, 1 Sam 20:24-42

here we go for today!

SCRIPTURE: 1 sam 18:6-30

-ok, from what i've read, david had a good day... he killed a big jerk that had mocked god. i don't understand why these ladies are already putting it is saul's face. perhaps there is something we don't know. i find it ironic that in today's culture this would not be such a complement... all this killing that is.

-i find it interesting that david is still playing the harp for saul. i would think after saving your country you wouldn't need to do that anymore.

-remember earlier it says that god sent this evil spirit that came on saul.

-saul was afraid of david because the spirit of god was alive inside david. saul was jealous of david and his connection with god. that's sad. this "spirit" thing is putting david in a dangerous spot. i guess the spirit of god is not in us... just to make us safe. seems like we are always asking god to keep us safe, but safety doesn't mark the presence of the spirit of god.

-in verse 17 saul is trying to make david a marked man. if he is the son-in-law of the king this means he is a bigger prize for the enemy. how selfish is it to use his own daughter in this way? i call that pimping out your family.

-wow, what a sweet love story. go get a hundred foreskins and you can marry my daughter. david is such a renaissance man. still, david was willing to prove his love for his wife. so now... the love interest enters the picture.

-although it is a little sick... david is a guy that goes "above and beyond the call of duty". not only does he kill (or at least those guys wished they were dead after david got done with them) them... he pays double for his wife. i'll tell you right now... if there was an "asking price" for hope i would pay double... she is hot.

-the number one reason that saul hates david is because of the anointing on his life.

since i have come to the vineyard, i have wondered many times if i have experienced the full anointing that god has for my life. to be honest, (i think we all will experience this) i have at times felt like i was not living up to my full potential as a pastor... and thus started to doubt my anointing. this may sound a little twisted... but, i want to have the kind of anointing that david did. if it means that other people hate me or are jealous of this... i can deal with that. i don't think i have a classic villain in my life that hates me because of god's favor... i don't think that my safety has ever been in jeopardy... but, i am willing to risk safety to have that type of anointing.

i guess that's what i'm trying to say... god, i'm willing to risk my own safety if it means i can have the type of anointing that you gave david.

god, i pray for the students that are a part of *678*. i pray that you will not "keep us safe" as we often pray, but that you will help us to be brave enough to risk safety to peruse your calling and anointing on their lives. god, i'm ok with a lack of safety in my own life if it means that i can live under your anointing.

PS... i feel like i've used the word "anointing" way too much... but, i cannot think of a better word that truly encompasses what i mean. it's a powerful word to me right now... i'm really trying to live this out.


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