Monday, November 5, 2007

[a]rise... reading one...

hey all... i'm sorry to not get this posted sooner, but i am in nashville with pete and alton. the exciting news is that we are writing together a book that will be released in the spring of this year.

as for today's reading... 1 samuel 16! to be honest, i have been reading this chapter over and over preparing for this past weekend. but here are a few of my (O)bservations...

-samuel was pretty broken hearted over saul's screw-ups. i imagine that he really like saul and wanted his to succeed as king.
-i don't know if david actually knew that he was anointed to become king... or just set apart for God's service. it could be the whole thing was covert... seeing as he had to disguise his reason for coming to town. later, david doesn't kill saul because he is god's anointed... could it be that david doesn't know that he is picked to be the next king?
-god looks at the heart... like i said on saturday and sunday... god doesn't do popularity contests. good thing, because i've never been the type of person that won those types of things.
-i wonder what it was that "told" samuel to anoint david... was it a feeling or was it the voice of god?
-i wonder how long it took to go fetch david? was he miles away or just outside? but, they didn't even sit while they waited.
-verse 13 "from that day on the spirit of the Lord came upon david in power". how cool is that.

APPLICATION (this is specifically for me)
i feel as if god has anointed me to do his work. i have had experience after experience where god has affirmed this call on my life. this "calling" gives me access to power and i need to tap into that.

god, help me to live in the power of your anointing on my life. help me to realize that you will give me the power i need to accomplish what you have set me to do.

i hope that you all will pray for pete, alton and i as we write for these next couple days. pray that god will remind us of the power that we have access to as we follow the call to do this project.

i love you all!

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