Monday, November 19, 2007

blahhhh... monday.

typically monday is my official day off, but i'm working today so i can take off wednesday. we host thanksgiving at our house and my whole family comes. i think this year we will have fourteen people.

here is some video from saturday night's celebration:

here are this week's readings:
Weekly Reading
Day 001, 1 Sam 21:1-15
Day 002, 1 Sam 23:1-15
Day 003, 1 Sam 23:16-29
Day 004, 1 Sam 24:1-22
Day 005, 1 Sam 26:1-12

today's readings...
SCRIPTURE: 1 Samuel 20:1-15
-something i said this weekend matches up with 21:1... when david shows up to see the priest he is alone. this anointing thing has cost david the company of friends. the priest is surprised by this, which makes it seem like it's abnormal for david to be alone. this anointing has cost david everything. however, david does put the priests in danger by going to visit them.

-david lies about his situation and is desperate to eat. imagine this... david the hero that killed goliath is starving and homeless.

-i find it interesting that david beat goliath with the sling. we made a big deal about how he was able to beat goliath with his own "style". but now, david is switching his weapon. he doesn't ask the priest for a slingshot... he asks for a sword.

-i love it... david acts like he's crazy. this would be very politically incorrect today. david has survival skills. he is always adapting... sometimes even lying so that he won't be killed.

-david is officially on the run. he's going from place to place trying to find safety and food. basically, he's homeless.

-if we look ahead... when david went to nob to meet with the priest, that association with david cost him his life. later in chapter 22 those priests are killed because they aided david. remember, david lied about his intent and situation. was david in the wrong? after all, jesus in matthew 12 refers back to david eating the consecrated bread.

i'm still struggling/working through the fact that god's anointing has basically ruined david's life. in chapter 22 he has to move his entire family for their protection... and, i'm sure they were all excited about that.

god, i love you and i trust you with everything. this is tough when there are times when it appears that your blessing is causing so much pain. but, help me be faithful to what you have called me to do.


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