Thursday, November 29, 2007

day 003

SCRIPTURE: 1 samuel 29:1-11.

remember this is israel v. philistines (round 258, or so). only this time david is on the philistines side. this is a little weird, but we can get the feeling that david is going to go fight the good guys with the bad guys. from yesterday, it's like an lifelong ohio state fan playing for michigan.

-david has put up a good front with achish (btw, would that be a good name for a boy.. he he) it appears that david has indeed crossed over to the dark side.

-this seems to be a reoccurring theme... saul has killed thousands, david ten thousand.

-david is sent home... but, we have to ask the question... would he have really fought for the philistines. we are given all signals that david was ready to fight for the bad guys. i don't like this question, and i really don't know the answer. i would like to think that david would have never flipped.

i think the application here is that we need to be the type of people that are respected... even by our enemies. david was found to be in good favor with achish even though he was his enemy.

god use me in any way you see necessary. give me the strength to be respected even by my enemies.

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