Friday, November 16, 2007


the last two days have been a blur! i'm going to go ahead and cover all of chapter 20 today! i did my reading yesterday in the atrium but was never able to get on to blog:

SCRIPTURE: 1 Samuel 20
-jonathan had influence with his father the king. and he uses that influence to help his friend, even though that puts his own life in danger. if you're caught spying on the king... you're a dead man.

-notice it's david who starts the idea of a plan... and jonathan adds to it.

-notice that jonathan had authority over david... as david had to ask jonathan's permission to miss the meal.

-they are both pretty torn up about the whole situation. my version says that david cried the most. imagine having your best friend ripped out of your life because your father is a jerk. i'm sure they both felt angry and sad all at the same time.

-i love this closing verse: Jonathan said, "Go in peace! The two of us have vowed friendship in God's name, saying, 'God will be the bond between me and you, and between my children and your children forever!'"

i have a friend like jonathan. his name is paul and we have been friends since high school. i was his best man... and he was in my wedding (my dad was my best man). we both had children at the same time, he adopted a daughter named emma (their picture is on the top of this page). when our children were born we didn't need to even say it out loud... we know that each of us will always care for the other's family if something happens. i thank god for paul... he is my closest friend.

god help me to be the type of friend that jonathan was to david. help me to protect my friends... putting my selfish ambition aside for their good and benefit. amen.


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