Wednesday, November 14, 2007

wednesday... ugh...

i hate meetings and my wedensday's are packed with them. i told you in my last post that i felt like i was overusing the word anoint. so, linda gail set me some alternatives. here they are:


the list of readings are below, just in case you need them. onward and upward...

SCRIPTURE: 1 samuel 19:1-18

-we are getting into the content that i will cover this weekend at *678*. saul is threatened by david and out to kill him. if you missed this from last week in 18:1 we learn that jonathan and david became on in spirit. and "David loved him as himself (NIV)". we are again told in verse one of today's reading that jonathan was "very fond of David". my question is why wasn't jonathan threatened by david the way his father was? remember, jonathan is basically the prince. although saul was the first king... tradition would make jonathan the king in waiting.

-in verse 6 saul continues in his manic style, promising not to harm david.

-the is the beginning of spy-gate. (everything political and sensational is given a "gate" suffix. jonathan becomes a spy and passes inside information to david. this spying would cost jonathan his life if saul found out. jonathan gives his loyalty to his friend not his father.

-seems like these philistines won't die. it's always something with them.

-david is now on the run. this appears to be at least the third time that saul has thrown a spear at david. he must suck at throwing that thing.

-i'm captivated by this idea of an "evil spirit from the Lord". my interpretation of this is that this spirit is god's wrath on saul. god was deeply angry with saul. remember, god told samuel that he was sorry he ever made saul king.

-again with this old testament lying. i wonder if michal had long hair that she let down so david could climb down it... that would make for a great story. someone should write that.

-david is now on the run. he has left his home and lost everything because of saul's unjust anger and jealousy.

-i want to be the type of friend that protects god's plan and gives life to god's mission on earth.

god, help me to be a loyal friend that protects those you have chosen and guards what you are doing on earth.


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