Monday, May 19, 2008

our last daddy baby day...

around our house mondays are "daddy baby days". since hope is a teacher and (on a normal week) i'm off on mondays... reagan is my responsibility. early on DBDs were spent doing work while reagan slept in his infant swing. but, they evolved into weekly outings to do what boys do.

we start almost all of them at bob evan's, although reagan has great affection for mcdonald's. a few months ago i taught him about formal contracts as we negotiated an agreement that permits us to alternate between bob evan's and mcdonald's.

about a year ago we went fishing at caesar's creek. i've never caught a fish there and told god i would do whatever he wanted as long as he helped me be a hero to my son by catching a fish. we caught two!

a few weeks ago we went to hit golf balls at the local course... he saw a real golf bag with real clubs and no longer wanted to settle for his plastic set. needless to say he got them for his birthday last week.

well, today was our last outing. school is out next week and hope will now be home on mondays. our second child is due on the twelfth of next month... so, it's the closing of a chapter. i was a little emotional today and teared up a couple of times. sure, when the baby gets here and fall rolls around we will do daddy, reagan, baby day. we will still do what boys do. but, things will be different. still filled with joy and excitement... just different.

we went to the children's museum in dayton and had what could only be described as the best DBD ever. i was amazed that the little baby that we brought home for the hospital was able to climb the rope ladder to the biggest slide there. he's now three... and as he would say... a big boy.

i like hanging out with reagan. he's a cool kid. besides having the vocabulary of a high school freshman he loves to pretend and has a playful imagination. he loves to sing and reminds me in the simple songs that he learns to trust god and be kind. he loves to wrestle and be tickled. i love it when he has a deep belly laugh. he says thank you without being prompted (most of the time). he loves to be outside and is always willing to use his toys to help with the yard work.

this afternoon we took a walk to treehouse that overlooks a nature reserve at the museum. i explained to him that after today our daddy baby days will change a little and how exciting it will be to have harrison be a part of our adventures. i also told him that if i could pick any little boy... of all the little boys in the world... i would pick him. he liked that. and, dutifully to listen to the rest of my speech. you can't beat that.

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