Friday, May 30, 2008

where's the love...

every now and then i like to kick brad wise's assets in golf. today, it was particularly easy. came into blogging a little late. but, when it came to constructing his "cute" blog one link was missing... mine. so, this is a little test to see if the social networking of the "google machine" can truly make things happen.

here's what i want. i want to be added as a link to wise's blog... but, not only him. i won't rest until i get a little love from sean michael murphy (i know, a middle name in common usage. must be a serial killer... wouldn't surprise me), wise and joe boyd (man of the people).

you would thing that after riding together in an RV (recreational vehicle) for four days i would get a little linkage. (except for sean, he has a natural gas issue and "unable to attend").

so, here is to a little love.



cdwalker247 said...

I would have thought that they would have commented by now. I didn't go on the road trip with ya, but followed the delayed virtual trip at church. I will give ya a link, but I doubt it will garner much attention from my little blog. Us true bloggers must unite. Keep up the good work.

Joe said...

Hey mr. non grateful. You've been linked on my blog for three months.

you're welcome. You can apologize to me on you next post.