Monday, June 2, 2008

hat in hand...

my apologies to joe... in an apparent oversight i missed the link. in an immediate act of contrition... please, let me buy you some jeans.

on the other hand... wise is starting to really tick me off. this weekend i saw him twice... and nothing. i even "broke bread" over at his house and he acted as if he had no idea what's going on. did he mention my blog? did he explain his actions? did he offer some sort of comprimise? nope, just pizza and cold beverages... i bet "linked friends" get steak. he must have talked to leah about this whole melodrama... she's acting weird towards me. it's all so condescending.

i guess i'm letterman and he's oprah.


1 comment:

bshawise said...

hey.....lil' it with the insecurity. has hope stopped hugging you since she got pregnant? does alton need to have a love intervention with you? make sure you put your yearbook in the inner office mail so i can sign it.