Friday, June 13, 2008

i hate people who...

i simply hate to be around people who hate their job.

today i had to use the shuttle service of the body shop that was working on our VW. i could tell right away that the guy was in a bad mood when he pulled up to my house. he had just come from a house to pick someone up that wasn't there... and that set him off.

i had to hear about:
-how he hates to drive in the rain.
-how impossibly busy he's been.
-several expletives.
-loud classic rock on the radio (after several minutes of silence)
-how "no one has any idea what the shuttle guy goes through".
-how he's not a people person (really!?!).

every job has it's sucky moments and seasons. perhaps i've simply been lucky to work at places that i truly love and believe in... but give me a break. if you hate your job that much... quit! we spend more time at work than we do at home, in our car, on the golf course or anywhere else for that matter. i think it's worth the time to get the education or off your butt to apply and work for jobs that you can truly love.

for believers... we need to think of our jobs as more than just a way to earn a paycheck. give me any job and i'll show you a way that you can see it from a ministry perspective. even driving the shuttle van can be a ministry. think about it, you get people locked in a car at 55mph... you can either complain about your job OR you can be someone who shares hope and light. i would much rather be suck with the latter.


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