Friday, June 6, 2008

my hero...

normally she weighs in at a buck five and is afraid of spiders... but last night she went through a metamorphous that turned her into a person with super human strength. not to mention the mental toughness of a ninja. she amazes me!

last night everything went remarkably similar to reagan's birth. hope started having contractions on wednesday night and through thursday we worked around the house as they became more frequent and intense. about 8pm we headed to the hospital where she was at 1cm and 90%. we walked, stretched and got on the ball. an hour later she was at 3cm and making great progress. about an hour later she was given the magic bullet and was painless and got some sleep. after about 25 minutes of pushing harrison came into the world at 4:43am. he was healthy and beautiful.

so far he has been eating well, sleeping well and overall content.

reagan came to visit at 11am and was so happy to see his new baby brother. with a new doctor kit he checked everyone out... gave hugs and kisses and was ready to go back to mamaw's house for more play.

we're a family of four now. it's amazing to see them all together and we all feel so blessed.

here's to your birthday harrison!

feel free to call my cell to talk... if we're sleeping or busy we'll not pick up, but feel free to call!


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Linda said...

CONGRATULATIONS to Mat, Hope and Reagan! :)

Welcome to the world, Harrison.

Blessings to your family of four!
Linda Brooksbank
(Courtney's Mom)