Tuesday, June 24, 2008

a new car...

i wouldn't say that i'm green... i'm not pushing my mower like bshwise but i made a step in the right direction this past week when i purchased a more fuel efficient vehicle. not that i will be driving it. it's an unsaid rule in our house that hope gets to drive the nicer car. instead i will drive the passat turbo, a pretty sweet "greener" vehicle. even with the older car, i've more than doubled my fuel efficiency.

now to the task of getting rid of my old ride... a 2001 GMC envoy. any ideas? sell it? bless some one with it? although blessing someone with a fuel hog is a little weird.

back to the new ride... it's a sexy VW jetta wagon. i never thought of a wagon as sexy... but with two boys my perspective has changed a little. it has a wicked cool sun roof that goes from the windshield all the way to the back bumper... it's super sweet.

now, it is a 2009. i always said that i would never buy a new car. to be honest, i feel a little embarassed about driving such a new car. we were looking at used VWs and when this new car was a few thousand dollars more than our used options and had a super good warranty... we decided to take the plunge. plus, our plan is to keep it so that reagan can drive it to his senior prom and then off to college.


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