Monday, July 7, 2008

props to ted...

well today i got around to doing a task that has been on my "honey do" for over three years. at our last home we had brick pavers over the concrete pad in the back yard. when we made the move to springboro, i promised hope that i would put them down in the new digs.

almost like every project i do... everything was smooth until the end. the blades i bought to cut the pavers were two big for my circular saw. go figure. i usually have to go to home depot six or seven times during a home project... but, this time i thought i should check with my neighbors first.

a little background. i listen to willow creek's podcast as it's hard for me to get to "big church" each week. (i also listen to the vineyard podcast but for extra church credit, i listen to several podcasts.) they have put out the challenge to reach out to your neighbors.

ted is my neighbor crossed the street, simply put... he was willing to give me every tool in his workshop until i got it right. in his words he was just being neighborly. pretty sweet.

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cdwalker247 said...

I like to listen to sermon podcasts too. My favs are and Newspring.