Saturday, August 9, 2008

hocking hills...

wow... we just got back from the best family vacation that we have ever been on. the beach is great, disney was cool, the rv... is the rv, but when it comes to beauty and relaxation... hocking hills was just what the doctor ordered.

thanks go out to scott and julie mcmiller for letting us use their cabin. they have been trying to get us out there for three years and finally we took them up on the offer. they have a BEAUTIFUL cabin!

after my famous "army breakfast" we hiked every morning, antiqued a few times and ate dinner together. hope and i connected out on the porch with needed conversation.

i can't say enough... it's wonderful there. check out the pictures... and yes the smiles are very real.


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Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures Matt. Glad you had a well deserved vacation. Laurie