Thursday, August 28, 2008

new bike...

reagan has put his poopie in the proper place for three weeks now, and has earned his first bicycle. i still can't believe that baby we brought home from the hospital is riding a big-boy-bike, but it's true.

it's quite a jump from his little trike, and he's not as confident on it as he will be. i feel from time to time that the simple lessons that god teaches me from being a father are a little predictable and trite but, i will go ahead and share this one.

tonight we took a ride around the block, he was riding his bike and i was walking beside. we live in a subdivision that is a challenging for a three year old on a bike. it's hilly with little flat space. so, half the time he's working way too hard and the other half of the time he is freaking out because he is losing control on the way down the other side.

i can see him trying to be brave and strong as he works this new apparatus. half way through he was done and was emotionally and physically spent. he knew the majority of the ride home was down hill, and that freaked him out. i explained to him that i would be right by his side and that there was nothing to be afraid of. i had too push him, but not too hard as he really wanted to do it.

the entire way, he needed my hand on his back or pulling him on his shoulder to help slow him down. he would drift to the side of the sidewalk when he got distracted by the peddles. i would say, "watch where your going buddy... keep it on the sidewalk."

it was like god was speaking directly to me... i'm sure you can see all the things that god was communicating to me right then and there.

they say that your image and perspective of god is most influenced by your own earthly father. for me it's been the other way around. i have learned so much more about the character of god as i try to be a good father to my boys. i love those little guys and through that i've been able to feel how much god loves me.

for those of you on the fence, fatherhood is far better than you could ever imagine.



bshawise said...

you gotta get him a stationary bike and a squat rack. build those little thighs up so he can conquer your suburban mountain range. what would lance armstrong do?

Oneida said...

Good words.