Saturday, August 2, 2008


with speaking gigs and overnighters at the student union our life has been a little chaotic lately. we also didn't do a family vacation this summer since we are flying to florida in october for my cousins wedding. we thought it was a good idea, at least financially and since we have a two month old... but, with the summer coming to a close and life getting ready to start in full swing, i made an executive decision yesterday that we need to get away for at least a few days. it meant more rearranging than i thought... making what seemed to be an exhilarating decision laborious.

anywho... thanks to my good buddy scott mcmiller we are heading out on monday for three days in the woods. it's supposed to be a great place... although their parting words were, "be sure to bring some drinking water".

i'm looking forward to naps with the boys, coffee in an unscheduled morning and reading. man, i'm getting old!


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