Friday, September 5, 2008

playing pastor...

for the last two days i have been wearing my pastoral hat at work. i've been "being" with kids who are facing real life challenges. one of those students is melissa, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis today.

it was a crushing blow for her and the family who had been praying intently for healing and more positive diagnosis. this girl is a jewel and is always serving at the student union. in fact, she was writing letters to the much older folks in the rooms next to hers just to encourage them when i was there yesterday. she is intent on getting fitted for her new walker in time to be back to the student union so she can help leader her small group with her adult partner. i wanted to say, "listen, you've got a pretty good excuse to skip this weekend... why don't you take it?" but, i don't think anything i (or any doctor) would say could keep her away.

it's hard to see kids in pain and dealing with adult sized issues. but, it's also exciting to see them depend on god's strength though it all. the simple truth that jesus taught about becoming like a child is true... and has been at the forefront of my mind today.


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