Monday, October 27, 2008

technological edge...

i still don't know who i am going to vote for... and that is not an invitation for you to try and convince me that your candidate is superior.

one thing that you can't dispute is that barack obama has the technological edge over mccain. there are a bunch of little things that contribute to this edge but here are two that really impressed me. first, obama has an application that is free to download on the iphone and touch. it keeps you in touch with everything they want you to know... that's pretty impressive considering the major companies that don't have a presence on the iphone as of now.

the second is this web site that they have started running ads for. here's the link in case you want to check it out. simply input your financial data and it tells you how much you'll save in taxes as opposed to mccain. it's web genius... and is a textbook example of relevant web advertising.

now there is no way that the candidate comes up with all these ideas on his own... but what if the roles were reversed. what if the old guy was using technology in a relevant way and the young guy was "out of touch"? that would be interesting, but we're left with the stereotype in tact.

then again, there is a rumor that "duba" was addicted to email before coming president. (email can be subpoenaed.) use of technology doesn't make for a great president.

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