Tuesday, December 2, 2008

so, i took a break...

i have not touched this blog in almost two weeks... and somehow life went on. just to get caught up, here are the plethora of things that have happened in my recent past.

smoke damage in our house, the ash box of the fireplace after a faulty cleaning left us with a house that smelled like an ashtray. we now have new carpet, repainted ceilings, new everything that was fabric... and this was all after two rounds of cleaning/treatment. it's been a royal pain, but seems to have worked out for the best.

we went to hocking hills for another weekend. this time the cold kept us inside most of the time we were there... but, it was glorious family fun.

harrison is now giggling... almost all the time. he is such a happy baby. tons of fun and he greeted me this morning with dadadadadadadada... i don't think he was intentionally saying daddy, but it started my day off with a huge laugh.

i asked reagan what he wanted to get mommy for christmas and with thoughtful consideration he told me, "wipes, so she can use them when she goes poop". he was completely serious. i will admit however, baby wipes are great for number two... especially warm. i hear all the rap stars use them.

thanksgiving was at our house. i'm shocked at how people want to tell you how depressing their year was... when we are supposed to go around the table (per tradition) and tell what we are thankful for. save the sour and just hit the sweet.

i went outside to 20 degree temps and wondered why people choose to live here... and then realized that i had made the choice to live here. wouldn't it be great if spring broke right after christmas? this is why i keep polluting and refuse to recycle.

consider yourself caught up.


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