Sunday, May 3, 2009

flying pig...

well, it was a little less flying and a little more pig.

my time was 2:54 and i ran the whole way. my legs are too stubby to keep up with the others so i did 12/13 of it on my own. by far, this was way more mentally challenging than physical.

at mile 7 some lady was giving out little cups of jelly beans. i can say with complete honesty that it saved the race for me. that energy boost those magic beans gave me was priceless. besides water and gatorade, she was the only person giving out stuff... and it was EXACTLY what i needed.

i think i may do it again next year... but, the jury is still out. i don't doubt that i can cut 20 minutes off my time if i pack a fanny pack of jelly beans.



John Arns said...

WTG, mh !

Joe said...

i'm completely impressed which is why I am not going to make any jokes about the photo or the jelly beans.

bshawise said...

the jelly bean bit will preach.

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