Tuesday, May 12, 2009

four years old...

it's really hard to believe that the little baby we brought home from the hospital turned four today. when i see the picture above i see a boy... no longer a baby or even toddler.

on daddy baby day (monday) we bought a rocket with the intention of launching it on his birthday (today). i worked on it all night and i think it looked pretty good... it just didn't work properly. sure it launched... but the shoot never popped out. it was more like a javelin. the great thing about being four years old is that small details don't matter. he never knew there was supposed to be a colorful parachute.

in total we launched it four times... it stuck in the ground like an arrow every time. BUT, it didn't break and still looks great.

we have our last two "daddy baby days" this month... then i have to share him with preschool in the fall. my heart hurts just thinking about it. we have maximized mondays... so my heart is full and i can go to the next stage knowing that i gave him my best. all my creativity and energy went into giving him experiences on those days together.

here's the deal. i work with middle school kids, so i know what's coming. one day he will be unimpressed with my "rocket" craftsmanship and efforts to spend time with him. in the not to distant future he will think everything i do is stupid and embarrassing. so, i savor today.

reagan, your daddy loves you. being a father to you and harrison is the most fulfilling responsibility i've ever had. happy birthday gunner.


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bshawise said...

if this were a movie i'd be bawling right now.