Friday, January 16, 2009


it's perhaps the most overused business word of the 90's but i've not experienced a true paradigm shift in a long time. is a true expression of the word.

i'll have to credit alton "hugs" alexander for showing me this revolution in recreational internet auctions... it's pure genius. when you mix the the thrill of bidding with the drug of cheap prices you get this new gambling/auction site. check it out... but realize it's a mirage.

we had a staff meeting today where i showed this site to the "kids" i lead. they kept trying to compare it to ebay... and it was so fun watching their faces as they tried to do the math.

it's interesting that we try to categorize everything we see with something we've already experienced. we tend to frame everything with familiarity. what's even more hilarious is that when something doesn't fit our limited experience we get angry and discount it immediately. mix that with the inability to do math... well, you've got



bshawise said...

have you bought anything?

matthew milthaler said...

nope, just observing.

The Zone of Zakness said...

i'm not a dumb kid, mat!