Wednesday, November 12, 2008

lost wallet...

i took a week long vacation last week... at least that is what i called it. i traveled with two kids, my lovely wife and eight other members of my immediate and extended family to boca raton, fl for the wedding of my cousin.

imagine a hybrid of lampoons vacation and a jeff foxworthy routine and you get a clearer picture of the trip in it's entirety. making an involved story short... i left my wallet on the plane as we had a layover in atlanta. i didn't realize this until i went to rent a car at our final destination. suck!

after being on hold with the airline and redirected to several different departments... (sidebar, your honor... wouldn't you think that people leave stuff on a plane all the time and the process to retrieve such articles would be a little more standardized and centralized... nope!?!) i had no luck in retrieving a small piece of leather that contains almost everything you need to survive while traveling.

the next morning i received this email...

Good news!
I found your wallet.
Better news, all your credit cards and social security stuff is safe.
Jesus was watching over you, again.
The best news, I'm a fellow believer!
I don't know if you're home or if I should over night it to your vacation destination.
I know you'll need your wallet at the airport.
My name is Paula Glenos.

Praise God!

paula is the new name i will use to refer to the angels that protect me. not only did she email me, she googled me and called almost every person i know looking for me.



Micah said...
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Micah said...

Not meaning to pile on here, but...

There's no good reason to put your social security stuff in your wallet. Keep that stuff in a file at home.

I'm excited about Paula, though. That's a beautiful thing.

John Arns said...

maybe call her St. Paula ? no doubt about it, Mr. Mat Milthaler, God's looking after you very well !

i gotta agree with Micah - don't ever keep your social security card/number in your wallet, ever.