Tuesday, May 27, 2008

four stitches...

we had a very memorable memorial day. early in the afternoon we decided to go to ikea to get some new stuff for my new home office. we stopped by bw3 for some lunch when it happened... somehow (and believe me, we've tried to figure it out) reagan flipped his chair over and had a cut under his chin.  

we went to the new atrium medical center to see an er doctor... and 3 hours later were told that the little guy had to get stitches.

thanks to rugby and other sports... not to mention the rusty nail incident i've had a couple in my day.  but, it was absolutely horrible to have to hold him down while the doctor stitched him up.  i thought for sure that he was no longer going to love me ever again.  he cried like i have never heard a kid cry before.  it was by far the most painful thing I'VE ever been through.  when it was through he was a sweaty rag doll and just wanted to be held... by mommy, go figure.

i actually thought... maybe we should just keep the gash open... anything but this.  truth is, an infected wound would be more painful in the long run.  it was the hard thing... and it had to be done (insert the obvious life lesson here).

now for getting the bandaid off... maybe it will just fall off...



cdwalker247 said...

Stitches for kids are not fun. Had to go through the same thing for my son last summer who was 2 at the time. See story and pics here.

cdwalker247 said...


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