Friday, May 9, 2008

wednesday's reading...

today i fulfilled an obligation that i wasn't really looking forward to. i was asked a few months ago to speak to high school freshman at kings high school (where my wife teaches). i was scheduled to give it on the "12 steps of intimacy" but i really wasn't into it. i first of all didn't want to embarrass my wife by sucking... and high school kids scare me. this morning, i went to spend time with my fuel... and then it hit me.

wednesday's reading was about how we need to pray with other believers, because when we agree on something... god will act. so, this morning i texted some of my friends and people from *678* and asked them to pray for me. i didn't know that i could only text 10 people at a time or i would have texted everyone... but, i thought, "hey, i need to put this fuel stuff to work... not just read it".

today was an awesome day... i felt encouraged as people texted me back telling me that they were covering me in payer. i had a new outlook on the day and was able connect with students with a much better attitude. i do feel much more comfortable with middle school students but i had fun today.

so... here's to putting what we hear from god to work!


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